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Our story

Since 1950s

"A New Culture, an Old Tradition!"

- Douglas and Kaldi

Who is Douglas? Douglas is a family name. Our family has been in the service industry since 1950s. Mirroring our family beliefs, Douglas & Kaldi operates under the principles of integrity, wholesome tradition and innovation.

Who is Kaldi? The legend of Kaldi, the Ethiopian goat herder who one day discovered his goats eating unusual red berries and acting more lively than normal, tells the origins of the coffee bean.


Love for food

Looking for the perfect gift or way of saying thanks? Why not treat those close to you with a meal at Douglas&Kaldi! Available to use at a time that suits them, and valid for one year from date of issue, our gift vouchers are the ideal way to show your appreciation and gratitude to the ones you care about. Simply drop in to Dundrum or Rathborne and pick one up!